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About Us

New Age Trekking


Idan Attia

Co-Owner and Guide

Shalom everyone, I'm Idan : )
I'm 34 Years old, married to Shira, the love of my life, and father of 3 tree climbing awesome sons. I live in Haifa, Israel- The most diverse city I've ever known.

I've never walked straight. Since I was a child, I've always climbed rocks and mountains and jumped into springs. As a teenager I joined the Scouts, where I found my people- those who have to be outside.


After I finished my army service, I have travelled to India for almost a year, and quickly became addicted to the cultures and the smells. Later, me and my friends started a network for social hiking. We brought more and more people to follow this raw idea, which set the tone for what will later become New Age Trekking.
I have later started a tour guide course. I have learned every possible thing about the history of Israel, but I've always felt my destination was out in the wild.


During my training I've met Ori, who quickly became my partner. And together we started gathering all of our dreams to what we call today New Age Trekking


Ori Reiss

Co-Owner and Guide

Hey guys, I'm Ori!

I'm 32, Living the best life with Naama my love in Hezliya, Israel.

Nature is a place where I feel complete. Where the goal-oriented me can reconciliate and see the fullest picture possible.

The real magic happens when nature is being shared.

When people share their experiences with others, they understand nature in deeper levels. They really feel the connection which others take for granted. Guiding Outdoor adventures allows me to do it regularly, and for that I thank mother earth each day.

Exploring Israel, my home, is my favorite.
I enjoy Learning and sharing knowledge about this tiny, yet never ending, piece of land.

I followed Idan, my partner and friend, and together we created New Age Trekking- A family of hikers, nature lovers and adventure seekers.

I've always wanted people to say: "Ori, you have the best job in the world!"
And to quietly response: "Yes!"

Mom, We're on TV!

Take a look at our 2022 expedition to the peak of Mt. Olympus, Greece. filmed by a Channel 13 news team and Trekking blogger Ohad The Nomad. 

This is only a glimpse of the adventures we offer. Call us and have it your way!

See you at the top!

Our Mission

New Age Trekking is a boutique wilderness adventures agency. The wilderness is our office.

We lead groups of dreamers to the most unique and remote trails in the world.

We provide professional guiding, elite outdoor dining, logistics and transportation from anywhere to nowhere. 

We are located in Israel, and we offer our services both here and around the globe.


Where to?

Our international destinations:

Greece: Mount Olympus, Pelion Peninsula, Meteora

Ethiopia: Afar Region, Simien Mountains, Gondar.

India: Kerala, Goa

Bulgaria: Mount Rila, Mount Pirin, Rhodope Ridge

Romania: Buchach, Bran, Piatra Craiului

Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro: Peaks of the Balkans

Turkey: The Lycian Way

Austria: Tirol

Jordan: Wadi Rum, Wadi Hasa, Petra

Any Local Hikes?

Our main Israel trails:

Israel National Trail

The Golan Heights Trail

Land of Beresheet (Genesis Land trail)

Mt. Hermon snowy climb

Eilat Granit Mountains

Across Judea and Samaria

West Bank Hidden Valleys

Yam El Yam (Sea to Sea trail)

Mt. Carmel to the Mediterranean Sea

And much more!

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